Thursday, May 2, 2024

May Day late

 How is it May already?!

I have been really busy working, when I'm not working...doing some work in my yard for spring.

Trying to streamline a little bit more, make it a little easier to maintain, less trimming, watering, etc 

So far enough rain, I shouldn't have too much trouble with my new and  moved plants.

When we moved here 2014 part time, we had lived in a no maintenance patio home 7 years, so my plans for the acre yard here were a bit ambitious. 

Plus, we took out a large deck that was a huge feature of our smaller fenced in backyard AND we bought a lake condo 4 hours away which requires my energies.

First I removed my decorative stepping stones.  They looked cool in theory,  but grass did not stay nice here, so it just got dusty and didn't look well all year.

Then we hired help to remove and haul away the deck.

The grass is filling in nice in the back yard where the deck was.

I wanted to get patios all around existing old patio, but my husband told me that was going to be like $10,000.  We toyed with adding on and enclosing the patio...of course that would be much more.

Our 3 - 7 year goal will probably involve selling this house, so want to be very careful about putting any more money in it.

We love it here, just lack a lot of the conveniences we will require as we age as we are in less developed area (I know, that is good except when DH aging, needs lots of doctors and I worry about my vision).

Plus, we do want smaller yard eventually. 

In my front yard I had bricks stacked bordering my landscaping, but DH kept hitting them when he mowed, so I turned them from horizontal to vertical and slightly buried them so he can mow up to/over them

Looks nice.

I also took advantage of the Ground being soft from rain to extend out gate path out further where the dogs beat down the grass leaving a muddy mess when wet and dust when dry.

I know we will enjoy these changes.

What type of spring yard stuff are you doing?

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