Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Getting Back to Normal

Starting to feel more like my old self.   Health wise,  schedule wise,  phone wise.

Have to go back to phone store for DH phone and I am going to see if they can help me with typing sensitivity.   Too hard to text.  Takes forever...so my posts will be brief.

Have a great Tuesday.   We are running errands and taking couple short hikes.  I am buying roller to finish kitchen ceiling.  I painted part of it Monday.   Too difficult with brush.   Too much texture.   I can tell it will look like much nicer!  I had few  holes there and in entryway to patch from the electrical changes this past summer.

So sore from yoga Thursday. Sat and Monday night...so walk today will good.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Simple Pleasures

Isaiah 30:21, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.'" (NIV)

I am snuggling up with The Devine today,  thanking the angels for giving me time with 2 people who could very easily be gone.  My cousin...and then my grandmother before I drove home.
I am back.  I had a wonderful time with 2 people special to me.  At a critical time in my cousins precious life.  But I am depleted and tired.  So I will enjoy hugs from my baby, cuddles from my chihuahuas and walks with the pup.  Eat some nutritious food, have my hot mint tea, my turmeric coffee in the morning,  my kombucha, do yoga and watch some Netflix.  I can pay bills and balance the checkbook tomorrow. 
Here is a picture of part of my hike I took in Arizona this past weekend. 
Enjoy your Thursday!
Out of the Dark 
From "As Bill Sees It"

"Self-searching is the means by which we bring new vision, action, and grace to bear upon the dark and negative side of our natures. With it comes the development of that kind of humility that makes it possible for us to receive God's help. Yet it is only a stepWe will want to go further. We will want the good that is in us all, even in the worst of us, to flower and to grow. But first of all we shall want sunlight; nothing much can grow in the dark. Meditation is our step out into the sun."

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Start Writing 2019!

Hope you all have a happy new year.  I am getting ready for a week long trip to AZ to visit my cousin and surprise my other cousin with cancer.  Since I still do not have my replacement phone, I will not be able to post easily, so I probably just won't post until 1/10.

Enjoy your early January days in a way that is meaningful to you.  If you have happiness, soak in it.  If you have sadness, remember it shall pass.

I am feeling whiney because I will be traveling across the country (I do not travel much, like I used to, so I am unaccustomed to it and find it stressful) with a flip phone that is not working well at all.  Poor me, what a pathetic thing to feel whiney about.  After all, I am spending time with a loved one with whom we did not even know if she would see 2019.  Perspective.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Keeping Score

It was a nice coincidence this morning that my inspirational emails were both about similar thing.  Motives and Keeping Score.  Maybe the true coincidence is timing.

Spending a lot of time with family can leave one feeling a lot of emotions.  I myself feel a lot of emotions.  Esp this year.  Maybe because we are retired and i do not have the distractions of work and career.  Maybe because I always miss my mom during the holidays.  Maybe because of the evolution of social media.  It is easy to fall into the pattern of comparing oneself.  One of my friends calls it comparing my insides to others outsides.  I suppose I still do that.  Its probably human nature.  I have some friends who are fully involved in social media.  I have some friends who fervently avoid it.  I try to keep a happy medium.  Enjoy the keeping in touch aspect, follow some bloggers and fashion instagrams, connecting with others I might not otherwise, seeing peoples families grow up.  Some groups on Facebook that I get a lot of inspiration from.  But avoid the negative pitfalls...There are a lot of them:  comparison, gossip, judgment, fakeness, superficiality, time wasting...not to mention the things I might be accomplishing if I were not on social media.  But I do find myself having much more free time now...And actually I am on social media less often that when I was bored at work all day.

Anyway, back to the score keeping.  It basically goes to the hard of one's motives.  The gift giving aspect of Christmas is very much deserving of at least a consideration of our motives.  That is an entire separate discussion.  I went to Silver Dollar City with a friend and her mom and sister Thursday.  It was really nice.  We walked around and looked at the shops and went to a musical.  Then we took in the lights and the lights were fantastic!  I got to watch a bit of glass blowing and pottery spinning.  I loved it.  Just the drive alone was breathtaking!  I also enjoyed the company and conversation.  My friends' mom commented that her neighbor brings them lost of baked treats.  And if they take her something, she immediately gives something in return.  I know a couple of relatives like that.  I think I am a little like that.  It is positive, I want to do nice things for others, esp when they have done something for me.  But the real reason we do for others is because that is what love is.  I will not really change my attitude toward this, but I will be mindful of my motives and most importantly, not expect anything back.

Many things are changing now that we are retired.  One of those things is plenty of time for reflection.  This time of the year I seem to take some time to reflect more.  It will be interesting to see how this is New Years time goes now that I am less busy.  I think the big difference is that I am looking forward to a new year more than ever.  I am looking forward to doing more things with DH.  Big things like travel and new interests, but even just fine tuning our day to day routine. 
He is gone all weekend hunting and I really miss him.  No deer yet, but he is going to stay until Monday if he still has not gotten one.  I want him to enjoy himself, but I don't really want another deer.  One is plenty.  I guess we will just be generous if he gets another.  He does want to be home to ring in the New Year with his baby.  Until then, we are limited to sending emails and PM (on social media - how ironic!)
Hope you all are having a great weekend.  Are you thinking of the New Year?  Any big plans?  Small plans?  Mindfulness or intentions?  I usually pick a word.  Mine is "receive".  I chose a very passive word intentionally.  I am changing already!

Friday, December 28, 2018

One week

We are now one week in to the days getting longer.  I haven't noticed.  I still have no phone.  Makes posting difficult.  I am settling in for a cold weekend in solitude, with no phone.  DH went north to hunt.  I will check in tomorrow or Sunday and chat.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

Have been pretty busy celebrating Christmas with families.  I am tired and ready for it to be over, but in a good way.  Between baking and helping my inlaws serve 2 meals, and having a nephew overnight, I am having some sore back and feel like I need to start my diet tomorrow!  I did manage to walk Sunday and Monday.  Today I did a mini yoga session on my own.  I think I will take a day off walking to rest my back.  Oh, we also raked leaves Sunday.

Last night we had dinner with my sister and her family.  Today I am hosting DH family.  Tomorrow should be pretty relaxing.  I feel the abundance in my life.

I hope all of you are spending your holiday with someone you love, or at least holding memories close.  I feel sad my DGM dear grandmother is probably spending her day alone, at least with her fellow residents.  My aunt was in the hospital with the flu the one grandchild besides me would would be there I guess he is sick too.

Sometimes our memories are all we have.  Sometimes we have to reach out to friends for companionship.  I know I have dwelt on these things much throughout my life.  I have learned to have a day to day relationship to God.  That is all I will need as I grow old, God wiling.
Let there be peace and gratitude in your hearts everyday, not just day.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Hello Winter

Luke 1:78-79, “Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace.” (NLT)

It got pretty cool yesterday.  I slept pretty good last night.  Having headache and back ache made my put off my last batch of cookies for today.  Now I wish I had powered through.  I bought a new crockpot, broke the crock for my other one.  Looked online and couple thrifts, could not readily find a new crock.  I will keep the shell and lid for a couple months...see if I can find another crock.  If not, I can trash then.

Woke up yesterday at 4am...stayed in bed till 6 and got up.  Watched the sun come up.

Later in the day, we moved around some stuff so that we could move my truck in the shop.  It really makes things tight in there, but the truck is new and expensive, so we wanted to store inside.  I finally got all the commission friend's sister's shoes listed on Poshmark.  I have 146 left, but they are all cleaned and listed.  I brought all the boots back in my house, hoping I can get them all sold by end of February.  The boxes of shoes I have narrowed down to at lieast a single file against far wall of the shop, allowing the truck in.   I have 41 of my own listings, mostly jeans and shoes.  I have sold gross of over $600 for her and couple hundred for myself.  I am saving up for another pair or 2 of tennis shoes.  They are all I wear now.  So I am just going to embrace it.

My high school class is planning a late January get together.  I have been working on it with my friend.  I have to use DH phone.  No telling when mine will be back.  She laughs and tells me she found ANOTHER BOX of shoes.  They are totally ok with and I am thinking someday...if all the stuff is listed and I don't want to perpetually stock my inventory...I will let the listings dwindle and I will either donate the last bit, or take them somewhere to sell in person on commission.  I will see what happens.  My friend said, get what I can and donate the rest.  They just needed them gone.

What are you donating?  Baking?  Hope your day is filled with Christmas preparations and happy planning!