Monday, January 29, 2024

Aging Challenges

 So in the last year I have had a couple of concerning medical issues regarding my eyes.  

I do have a chronic condition which has resulted in dry eyes and some uveitis, but have not had problem in a few years now (knock on wood).  

So last year developed a sudden large floater in R eye.  Went to my normal eye Dr - he sent me to retinal specialist.  Was told I had Posterior Retinal Detachment.  Was told this was a normal thing that sometimes happenes to people as they approach 60 (I have a few years, yet, till 60).  As we age, the gel substance in our eyes dries out and can pull from retinal.  In my case, it caused a tear.  

I had that lasered and seems to be doing ok.  The large floater is still there, along with several smaller ones.  They seem to be less noticeable, but will never go away.  Bright sky and computer screen makes it more noticeable and prevalent.  My eyes get tired and I feel like I am struggling to see.  My focus is a challenge.  

Well, I had quarterly and monthly follow ups all last year with the specialist.  They pointed out my tear laser (weld) was doing fine and all the blood in my eye cleared up.  My pressure is fine and my macula look fine (my father and paternal grandmother both had glaucoma and macular degeneration - my grandmother surgery both eyes, legally blind by her 80's or 90's).  

As the year went on, I learned it has also developed in my L eye - but no tear.  Thank goodness for that.

So my last follow up was last week.  Now I am getting what is called Epiretinal Membrane on one eye, which will likely happen in both eyes.  The specialist said that "not if, but when" I will need eye surgery to correct.  He relayed the information very blase - like it was what he was having for lunch and then left the room.  I felt like I had more questions and want to know if there is anything I can do in the meanwhile.  He is not even wanting to see me until next year.  So that is good.  

So for now, I am doing a little of my own research into what this all means for me.  What I should be doing.  Supplements?  Is working long hours looking at a computer screen hurting me more?  Should I consider retirement, etc.  

My mind is whirling.


  1. I know how you feel. I've been dealing with a totally uncommunicative neurologist since last February who keeps changing up his/my story. Don't Google too much or you'll drive yourself crazy! I hope you have put your trust in a doctor who is worth his salt.
    I'm getting a new Neurologist later this year....they are hard to come by in my area. ;-)
    My advise is that supplements won't hurt you any so if you think it might help, go for it!

  2. About 25 years ago in a routine ophthalmologist appointment, the doctor said I had a pucker in my macular, tiny, and it might be nothing. Well, it is something as it will pull the retina from the back of my eye because it is much more puckered. It all sounds like fun. To save my vision in that eye, eventually, I will need surgery. I have had to make multiple visits in the middle of the night to the eye hospital's emergency room. The retina doctor said the supplements do not do anything for vision problems. So, there is that. He keeps reiterating that this is not macular degeneration. It is macular pucker. but I keep saying it wrong!

    1. I have heard of the macular pucker, hope your eye stabilizes. I know how scary these things are.