Sunday, April 30, 2023

 Over a year since my last post. 

Well, things are going MUCH better.  DH is doing well, actually went on last spring to have surgery on his neck, but the neurosurgeon explained to us beforehand that they do not like patients to wear neck brace after surgery and my DH was like "I'm IN!".  If he would have had to wear neck brace, he would not have gotten the surgery.  The neck brace gave him essentially clastrophobia and off the chart anxiety.  The new hardware (forgot the name of the material/composite they use) is more flexible than 20 or even 10 years ago and so it "gives" more with movement and they actually want a little more movement.  So no neck brace.

So that was April.  Then in May I enjoyed my garden, my flowers, couple of fun floats in my kayak when I was not working.  Still working 60 hours mandatory.  Then last May miraculously my employer made us work a couple of mandatory 70 hour weeks.  Really!  Then 2 weeks at 40 and then bam!  I got laid off.

So, all of the sudden I had no income.  I did manage to get signed up for unemployment - what a hassle that was, took about a month to get signed up, provide the documentation required and get a check.  But it was a relief.  I have paid all my life into unemployment (I am late 50's) and had never used it.  So, that was a relief - just enough to pay the absolute bare necessities - but a safety net nonetheless.  

Well, at least when I was not enjoying my yard/flowers (I did not plant veggies last year because of all the hours they were making us work), enjoying the lake condo and seeing my Florida friends at the lake.  When I was not outside, I was inside looking for a job.  So, I looked all of June and part of July, then I had a couple of phone interviews.  Then a 2nd Zoom at the place I really wanted to work.  Then they told me they would be in touch.  I waited about another month and saw that they had done a background check on me and still I waited.  While waiting I half heartedly keep looking for other jobs.  

I even got a haircut for my Zoom interview.  Well, late July I finally got word that I got the JOB!  With a large very well known insurance company in claims, which is what I did before I worked for the law firm.  But, it had been since 2005...would I be able to get over that learning curve?  



  1. It's great to see your update! Sorry you got laid off, but congrats on the new job. Hopefully it will be more normal work weeks, hours wise.

  2. The hours you were working were brutal. But, at least you did have fun and got unemployment and now have a job you want. Great.