Tuesday, June 25, 2019

2nd Complete Day with No Sugar

I had my last helping of sugar Sunday when I bought DH apple fritters for his birthday.  But I felt so bad last week (had sugar almost everyday) after having cut the cord for over 2 weeks...that I have to do something.  So, I decided to start all over.

Yesterday I felt sluggish and sleepy.  Just blah.  Today is similar, but not nearly as sleepy.  And my tummy seems better.  After one week of sugar after being off, I felt very bloaty and puffy.  Made a HUGE difference.  So, now I am waiting for the reversal.  I feel it a little, but look forward to getting past 1 week point because I think by this weekend I will really feel the benefits.

Hope you have a nice Tuesday!

Monday, June 24, 2019

My Baby's (DH) Birthday

I don't really have a baby.  My dogs.  In this case, I mean my baby birthday is my DH.  Today he turns 65.  I think it is a milestone bday for him.  He is sort of thinking it is a big number.  But he seems to be doing ok with my working during the week.  His back is really bothering him a lot.  I think he needs to try some different things, like stretching exercises and holistic approach, but I cannot make him want to do this.  So, he complains.  We have worked a lot on the house/yard.  Maybe it will ease off.  I hope.  I told him when I stop working again, we are doing daily yoga in the morning. 

We had a nice weekend.  We watched the John Wick 1 and 2 movies Friday at home (rented off Amazon Prime).  Then Sat I got up, walked the dog (should have made DH go with me).  My dog was worn out!  It was humid Sat.  Still seasonably cool (and so much rain!), but when it does start to heat up, it is humid! 

Then we drove to busy side of the county and saw John Wick 3.  Then we had lunch out.  It was nice.  My friend met us.  I hadn't seen her in a while!  I gave her and her sister (vegetarian and my sometimes dog sitter) bunch of lettuce, chard and kale from my garden.  I picked it after I walked the dog.  They will enjoy it! 

Then we drove home and got our convertibles and went to our little town 'cruise night'.  It was a hoot.  We decided to join a local mustang group to meet people and I think we will enjoy that a lot.  DH got a kick out of talking to some of them there at cruise night and then joining the group on FB.  We wanted to get the bikes out too, but the new battery we just bought in April is not a good battery.  We were disappointed, DH going to take it back and exchange it this week.

I offered to stay Monday and take the day off, make it up Tues - Friday.  He told me he would rather I get to come home early on Friday.  So, Sunday we slept in.  I had coffee in bed (raining tons!).  Then I went to store and bought him some things for the week, put a nice pork roast in crock pot with some veggies for him and baked him a cake.  I made enough for a smaller cake to take my aunt and uncle.  They all said it was good.  I also indulged in an apple fritter I got DH from our favorite little bakery.  It was sooooo good.  So, I just had a smoothie for dinner, after the gym. 

I ate too much junk last week, so I am doubling down this week.  No sugar for the week.  Wish me luck.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


After work I usu go to the gym or yoga.  Then I go home and have a quick smoothie.  This accomplishes a few things.  Taking the deciding out of dinner makes it quick and easy, yet nutritious.  Also, I can just stash my fruit and protein powder out of the way in cabinet and freezer so I don't get in my aunt and uncle's way.  They are awesome, but I just want to be non invasive as possible.  I am not easily tempted to eat junk.

The biggest benefit though, is due to my tummy issues, having a clean smoothie with some fruit, non dairy milk (almond, coconut, rice) and some vegan protein and it is easy on my tummy.  I am guilty of both helping my aunt and uncle eat more nutritious smoothies, I have also given them some goodies from my local bakery near my retirement home.  But, the smoothies are a winner with them and that is what my uncle asks for almost every night.  He loves some frozen strawberries and some frozen bananas just blended - he likes it like ice cream and it is better for him.

Today I am turning in a large project I did for my freelance work.  I am glad to have it over with and eager to see how it is received.  Today is the day I remind DH to change out the hummingbird feeder nectar.  I saw on the internet that when the weather gets above 85, it needs to be changed every couple of days.  It is amazing how they seem to know when we put fresh nectar out. 

Happy (hummingbird?) hump day!

Monday, June 17, 2019

One More Week Till Summer

Well, we had a lovely weekend.  I got home around 2pm and got my stuff unpacked and got partially packed for the return today.  Not as many loads of laundry this weekend, but still had several.  We just ate leftovers, didn't go anywhere Friday. 

The weather was pretty Friday.  Woke up Sat to go to couple car shows, were going to drive the convertible we are selling...but it was pouring rain.  So, we just drove my truck.  But we enjoyed couple cars shows.  After the 1st, we did a really pretty walk around a lake, then we had lunch.  Found a GREAT taco place.  Then the 2nd show was an exotic show where the people drove them down an airstrip and the local police department clocked their speed with radar.  It was fun.  Got warm Sat afternoon. 

We took my in laws out to dinner Sat night.  Then we just chilled at home and watched tv.  Sunday I went to the gymn.  I joined gymn in the city so I could easily and safely walk after work up here (and stay out of my aunt and uncle's house some, after work).  The chain has a location 8 miles from retirement home, so I went there Sunday morning.  It was nice.  Will be nice to walk all summer whenever I want to, not worry about the heat.  Then I had my nails done and home to relax and read the afternoon with DH.  Then we grilled burgers and picked a BUNCH of lettuce and kale.

I brought enough lettuce for salad for lunch every day and left DH a bunch.  The kale, I washed up and filled an entire drawer in my fridge.  I am taking a bunch to my friend and her vegetarian sister this next weekend.  I am going to have kale salad all next week. 

We also picked a bunch of green beans and a few radishes.  The radish greens I kept, washed and put in a bag in freezer.  I will cook bunch of veggie scraps down and make vegetable broth.  Was nice to have Sunday night to relax with DH, I stayed down south till Monday morning because I had a dentist appointment.  Now I should be finished till next cleaning in Nov.  I drove up to work and got here around 1:30pm.

Is still pretty cool seasonally, with all the rain we are still getting.  Down home at retirement home, we have not turned on our AC yet!  I was a bit hot this weekend, I will probably have to insist on it next weekend.  I just cannot sleep when it gets into the mid 80's.

Hope you are having a nice Monday.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cousin D response

Cousin D responded saying we should plan a girls' weekend and said she was currently job searching.  I told her that I would call her tomorrow.  She pointed out that Cousin's Day is July 24 so we are shooting for that weekend.  We have to do something cheap because she and I are both broke right now.

I am very surprised she is job searching.  This does not bode well for her plan to retire and have a wedding venue.  I suppose I will get filled in tomorrow.

My budget buster this summer is 1)  going to Arizona, and renting a car.  2)  starting back to work had some start up costs, such as food for work location, since I live here Sun - Thurs.  Parking and gym membership/yoga classes.  Also trying to figure it out, because I am not really sure where we went wrong, but clearly we are doing some emotional/feel good spending and we must get that rabbit back in its cage.  It looks like even with me working (I am saving 2/3 of my weekly pay to contrib to savings/Roth) it is going to take my month of July to get back to the black.

At least I am feeling like my weight loss is coming along.  I did not work out last night, left early to see my Granny (but postponed because she is a little puny and wanted me to come next week instead).  So since I left work early, I got myself and my friend T a smoothie and we met and had coffee talk.  Then on way home I bought my uncle (asked my aunt first) some rootbeer and we splurged on 3 shows together with some good ole fashioned cheese curls.  I stayed up too late (10pm - I know, so crazy) and today I was tired.  So, after work today, yoga and 1 tv show and to bed early.

DH is excited I am coming home tomorrow and so am I.  I am also excited that he was at Sam's today and I won't have to go.  So, we are going to celebrate with a little kayak ride this weekend. 

Happy Thursday, Friday is coming!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dear Cousin D

Remember last year when I was visiting your awesome venue and saw the picture of B riding with his father (and maybe grandfather too?).  Can't remember how many were riding in the photo, but it seemed to be 2 or 3 and it looked like it was in a parade.  It was hanging in the barber-style men's dressing room.  Anyway, I mentioned it to Bob and said I had a similar photo. 

Well, I have been going through some photos recently, looking for photos of my highschool friends (we have 3 school chums who are all suffering from advanced stage cancer - so horrible).  And I came across this photo of me riding my pony in a parade along with my dad and my grandfather.  I wanted to show it to B.

I sure do miss you and look forward to coming to visit.  It may be sooner rather than later, but I am really trying to stick this work thing out for at least a couple of months.  I am adjusting fine and enjoy staying with B and H a lot.  They are just so sweet and welcoming and tell me each day how much the enjoy it.  I try to cook for them or bring them baked goods every once in a while.  It really has been a treat, and not too bad for DH and I either (we have LOTS to talk about there - one day, I hope, on the phone or in person - just us). 

However, my job is not what I thought it was going to be, so I am not liking it very much this time around.  I am at the same place, but they have me doing something else, that I don't feel especially qualified for, or particularly good at.  Will I stick it out and learn to improve at this new aspect?  Hmmmmm, time will tell.  But I was really counting on what I could make in 3 to 4 months, so I am taking it week by week.

Hope you are having a nice summer so far.  Love you. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday, no News Day

No news is good news regarding my 3 classmates who have cancer.  We hope that is good.  They are all just in a holding pattern, probably valuing each and every moment they get to be alive and spend time with their family. 

One of our classmates, we are doing online fundraiser.  She evidently lost her job and has to travel approx. 35-40 miles to get her cancer treatment.  I guess she is very ill and wasting away.  She is too proud to tell anyone what is going on, so we are going to do a drive among our class and friends to get her some gas cards, food cards and Walmart cards so she can buy herself some essentials. 

My friend who always has lots of ideas thinks we should do a Cancer Sucks 5K back in our hometown.  I think it is a great idea.  There are a couple other people from my hometown in different classes who also have cancer.  It is crazy.  Both my folks died from cancer, but they did not grow up here and their cancer was caused by smoking. 

Anyway, just a regular old Tuesday - and that is a good thing.  I need to be grateful for my every day too.  Gratitude is a muscle that I have learned to use and grow and for that I am grateful.  A regular old Tuesday for me might be the last day one of my friends has.