Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More Rightsizing...Still

You would think that after couple of years of purging, I would be about finished.  But I am not.  Now that we have everything (except what is in the hotel) moved in, we will do another sweep to get rid of extras, stuff that is too crowded and stuff we can see we won't need/use. 

This past weekend I cleared out a large set of dishes my MIL gave me.  I explained to her now that we have just smaller retirement house, we don't have the room.  I ventured that I might see if one of nephew fiances (when they get engaged) want them, or see if neice wants it...to keep the dishes in the family.  MIL seemed fine with it.  I sure do hope she understands.  She can see with her eyes how full we are.  So, she gave her blessing anyway.  And I was happy niece seemed thrilled.  I took pictures and texted her.  Then I packed up large microwave and toaster oven boxes and brought them back from retirement house.  The old microwave (we just hate it) I will try to give away without bringing back to the city.  LOL. 

Anyway, my cabinets are less crowded.  The timing is good because I am getting other stuff on kitchen worked out, so it is perfect.  DH and I have 7 more weeks in this extended stay hotel.  We are happy, because the person in the room above ours stomps around a lot, making a lot of noise.  Usu starting about 10pm.  Well, last night they stomped around starting at about 6pm and continued all through the entire night, DH said.  I did not hear because I fell into deep sleep.  Did not feel well yesterday.  It was not my tummy - it was my hands and feet soreness and achey, throat sore, glands...I sure hope I am not getting sick again.  DH said it is going around his work.  I blame the hotel, not the most clean place exactly.  It is not bad, but I am just amazed how people treat the property, not picking up after their dogs, trash overflowing the dumpster, floors dirty, weeds in the yard, cigarette butts, etc.  Gross.  We hope the upstairs people were up all night packing.  It would be consistent with a young college aged youth waiting till last minute to be up early this am to catch shuttle to the airport.

DH and his colleagues are interviewing people for his replacement.  I thinks they found the right person, but they have 2 more people to interview this am.  He will not be late today getting home, so I might some errands after work.  I need to go to the grocery and I have been promising my grandmother I would shop summer clearance sales for her to get couple new tops.  Last night I had so many things to do and did none.  I have to get a workout and errands done after work today. 
Guess I better get to work.  Happy (rainy) Tuesday!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Kitchen Floors Are Finally Finished!

So happy with how they turned out.  We really like them.  I painted the kickplates white and the installer trimmed out with quarter round.  You can see from before that the kickplates used to be dark wood color (they are made from the same wood that was laid as flooring).  Since we put down the new vinyl plank and they required trim now, we decided to paint them white like cabinets and trim with white quarter round. 

I think it brightens the kitchen and will be easier to keep clean. 

In 2 weeks we will get our lighting done and I will post more photos....including before and after.
Have a nice Monday!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Are We More Divided?

Wooooo weeeee, been busy at work! 

Was thinking about my last post...

Are we more divided than ever?  Is this a narrative that the media promotes so sell more ads?  I don't know.  When we look back in history, it sure seems that mankind has been divided since we got here.

I do know this, money and corruption are making it seem worse.  With all the info sources one is bombarded with on a daily basis, it is easier and harder to follow the money.  My take away is that motives need to be constantly weighed.  If I don't know for sure, I just try to pray and think positive.

Hope you all are having a positive day!  I found a couple cool podcasts,  new to me:  Southern Gothic and Maybe It's You.

I will do an entire post on podcasts soon.  I love many!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I Try Not to Watch the News

I am not in Chicago, but another similar Midwestern city.  And, like Chicago we have had a recent spate of shootings.  I absolutely WILL NOT talk politics on this blog or any of my social media.  In fact, i really don't like to discuss it at all - it seems like the current 2 party system we have in America is dividing us more than ever. 

Yesterday was voting day.  Yet, after work I walked 5 miles and then went home and fixed us smoothies, showered and fell asleep without watching the results.  It is a scary time in our nation and in the world.  When I watch or listen to too much news, I get really negative and consumed with worry.  Worry is something I have plenty of naturally.  So I instead focus on the positive (the helpers, as Mr. Rogers said) and I try to pay attention just enough to know the issues and be informed. 

I feel sadness for the old people, the people who fought for what freedoms we cherish and I feel bad for the young people and the disadvantaged.  The helpless animals.  And then I remind myself that God is in charge.

As with things that happen in one's individual life...I do believe the things that are happening all around us are happening for a reason.  So, I try to focus on the similarities.  I feel better when I smile at a stranger who seemed rude, maybe they are having a really challenging issue in their life.  The person who cut me off, maybe they are dealing with something bad.  The person who disappointed me - maybe it had nothing to do with me at all. 

I am not a big believer in astrology or stuff like that, but I did find this interesting.  Friday the 27th was a blood moon and supposedly the last week or so we were supposed to be able to see Mars clearly (we can't here in the city - the sky is too bright from lights).  DH is way more pragmatic than I in such matter (no way he would even give it a 2nd thought).  However, DH was a cop many years ago and he swore (as do first responders, ER doctors/nurses and teachers) that when there was a full moon - they know by peoples' collective behavior.  So, what does that mean?  I don't know.  The moon does control the tide, after all. 

Anyway, here is a little snippet I read about Mars retrograde:
..."Pisces and Pisces Ascendant: All Mars retrograde cycles affect you in the areas of personal finances, income, possessions, comfort, and values. These areas might be ambiguous now, or cause for concern and anxiety for the time being. Reassessing these matters becomes necessary. This is a good time for taking a hard look at your budget. It’s also a time for understanding how the management of your personal resources impacts your confidence in general."
  -credit to Astrology CafĂ©

This is funny to me because we are 1)  living in an extended stay hotel and 2)  we have 2 meetings with 2 different financial advisors.  Do I ascribe some power to this?  No, not actively.  Maybe passive interest.  Anyway, have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Even though we are getting a nice soaking rain after a thunderstorm last night, my allergies are really bad.  I started feeling the dry eye, sinus headaches mid week last week.  Sunday, Monday and today I can add in stomach issues.  I looked up the chart on the internet for allergens and no wonder!

On top of allergy season (spring and especially fall, for me) I was anxious to hear some bad news and struggling family members, then the trip to the lake and back home so late (I barely ate anything that sets me off)...even though I slept late Sunday, it is all catching up with me.  Monday I felt horrible.  I went home after work and went to bed.  DH ordered Chinese food and I sipped some soup.  I got a good rest, no walk last night.  I am going to eat very light today, see of I can be gentle with my system. 

I know we need the rain and maybe that will help.  Then allergies back to high tomorrow as we go into ragweed season, which is bad for me.  I know it is just temporary.  At least I will lose some weight, so there is that!  When allergens are high, my autoimmune goes into high gear.  I have tried allergy medicine, but not much helps my tummy with the allergen irritation.  About the only thing I can do is eat well, rest and moderate exercise.  It will last about 2 weeks.  I don't really have the weight to lose this summer, so I am praying it is not too bad this season. 

Do any of you have late summer/fall allergies?  Spring?  Any of you notice a coinciding gastrointestinal dysfunction?  Any remedies you can think of.  I try to do lots of whole foods, soups, broths and smoothies.  Maybe I will crockpot a chicken over the weekend at Retirement Home and get some good old fashioned bone broth, rich in collagen and sip on it all next week.  Sitting here thinking about trying some Kombucha.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Back from a Quick Lake Trip

If you want only one thing too much, it’s likely to turn out a disappointment.  The only healthy way to live, as I see it, is to learn to like all the little everyday things.”
~Lonesome Dove

We drove down to the lake for the day Saturday.  We considered spending the night, but my friends had a houseful and our dogs were pretty stressed out.  Also, I was wide awake because I tried some of the Mio Energy - whew!  That stuff is crazy.  I don't do a lot of caffeine.  I was wide awake at 11:30.  Our dogs did better than we thought around the 2 big dogs that were there, but I just worried about them barking during the night.  But we were really glad we went and got to spend time with our friends.  I have known the 2 guys since I was in grade school and one of their wives since high school and I just really cherish such friendships.  And I am really happy to see Allen enjoy them and hang out with the guys.  DH does not have a big circle of friends.  In fact, he only has his family and 1 friend from grade school that died few years ago.  I respect that he is more reserved, but it is different for me.  I used to confuse quantity with quality.

I used to think it was just a disadvantage to have few friends.  But people can really disappoint sometimes and DH does not let very many close enough to disappoint him.  He is coming around and I am becoming less extroverted.  We are finding a happy medium, I think.  I am becoming more choosy about what influence and personalities and values I want around me and he is becoming willing to meet people.  I think we become more choosy about friends with age naturally, but I also think I feel much better about solitude than I did when I was younger.  Therefore, if I am going to spend time with others and give up some of my solitude, it will be with people that I really respect and value.  For me, that is a very good thing to weigh my solitude. 

We did enjoy some time with just our 3 friends before the neighbors and other company arrived Saturday.  That was nice.  I enjoy our talks. 

T is a nurse.  She and I both feel we have the problem solver role in many family and friends interactions.  our spouses are more reserved.  She said she sees the positive in someone until they prove her wrong, while J her husband is the opposite.  I feel the same way.  DH does not accept or trust someone until they earn it.  I accept someone and give them a chance, until they disappoint me.  Then i walk away.  And when I walk away, I don't look back.  While I see the positive approach of T and myself, it can lead to unmet expectations and disappointment.  I also think i have walked away too easily before, or at unrealistic expectations.  However, it is my nature and it is hard to change.  While caregivers can get positive energy from helping others, we can also become very drained from people.  This weekend I was feeling very drained before I went to the lake.  The last few years I have felt very drained.

At a time in my life I should feel the opposite, I am feeling heaviness of people around me who are having hard times.  I have had heavy times in my life and have had people prop me up.  So I want to return that valuable gift to others.  But not at the expense of my own sanity.  I have not yet figured out how to reconcile this - so, I will continue to explore this...But some of what I have come to learn is that the help and support I offer others has to come with no strings.  I spend time judging why they are in the situation they are in, what they did, what they could do different, or compare myself to them.  Of course, some people are in situations that are totally out of their control - but I feel this actually pretty rare.  We make a lot of choices.  I need to do less judging and comparing.  If I can give freely of myself with pure motives then I will do that.  I have had people ask me for advise or resources and then not do what they said they would do, not do what I advised or I have given resources to someone who did not use it wisely.  That leads me down a dark path.  I will give unconditionally, or not give and just pray. 

Unconditional love is a theme that keeps coming back to me, especially the last couple years.  I think I am starting to look through that lens to understand my past and help me define my boundaries.  If I gave unconditional love, like my creator gave me...and that is all I know to do.  Try to reflect that.

I know this is rambling...and I have much more to explore on this...and I will.  Thanks for reading.  I hope someone will chime in.  Have a wonderful Monday.

Friday, August 3, 2018

My Friends, N and T

I just learned yesterday that my friend N from grade school has cancer.  Pancreatic cancer.  I sat and cried silent tears at my desk at work.  Big hot heavy tears.

On the other hand, a friend of mine who did a very bad thing when he was young.  He has been in prison 30 years.  he is getting released this October.  One of my friends involved in this group text yesterday about N's cancer, told us about T sort of as a way of saying "here is some good news too".  T needs prayers too, to help him deal with life outside of prison.  Lord help me carry these burdens.

Mark 9:23: Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.