Sunday, February 18, 2018

What Day is it?

Feels like Sat or Mon, but not Sunday.  Have another dsy off tomorrow, then holiday desert till May!  Our lives could be very diff by May...IF we sell City House.

Got bookcases unloaded, all books stacked in hall closet and larger guest room.  But they are ALL MOVED! Woopie!  We measured and literally are an inch off from putting all 4 white bookcases along one wall of dining room.  So...we are gonna see if removing chair railing moulding will work.  So, in 2 weeks we come back with 2 last solid wood bookcases and I can put all the books away!

Beautiful weather this long weekend.  We are switching DH phone over today...we will save $87/month.  We have long talks with inlaws (retired many years) and SIL/husband who are on similar track and timeline as us.  When not discussinbg heavy topic, we played a fun board game last night.  God is good!

Oh, and I transformed smaller guest room closet to an office.  I will learn how to add photos one day.  The small guest room has sleeper sofa so i can watch tv or sew or do crafts.  The office/closet is for household business/bills/records, memory boxes/photos and gift wrap.  One must be creative when rightsizing!  Have a wonderful long weekend, enjoy last week of the Olympics!

Friday, February 16, 2018

My Eyes are Bigger than My Suburban

So, we had more confidence in the cargo abilities of the suburban than it actually has.  We could only fit 2 of the bookcases in, but we got all the last of our books loaded too!  Next time we go down, in 2 weeks, we can take the other 2 bookcases.  DH was disappointed, but I reminded him how great it was that after this load we will have all our books down at RH.  And the only thing worse than books, might be hanging clothes to move!

Anyway, we have a plethora of books.  But my DH loves books and has a nice collection of encyclopedias and was not even open to consider getting rid of them.  Also we both love similar mystery/crime novels and have a nice collection of fiction and so we have allowed for half and half.  I truly do plan to get back into reading in earnest once we are retired and I am not reading at work every day.  I have an advanced degree which required a lot of boring reading and I dreamed of the day when I would be able to read fiction.  That day is close!  And not a moment too soon.  I truly am getting to a place where my age and chronic condition are making me feel like I could not continue to work much longer, even if I wanted to!  I am sure it is just a culmination of the past year stress and intensifying that I know we will literally be unable to avoid as we continue to move stuff, finish fixing up projects of RH, fix projects of CH we are selling, list/show/sell CH, live in temp location while DH finishes his last few months, get all my licenses/CE moved to retirement state, finish taxes, worry about my DGM and the effect of all this on her, continue to help her with her books, etc.  My stomach just hurts thinking about it.

So, I take a deep yoga breath.  Practice my meditation.  Continue my walks (I walked after work yesterday!).  And do the little day to day steps to help all this happen.  I.E.  we are following the money we are waiting on from the sale of our expensive car - we are using it to pay off our phones and other costs, like the expense of getting our downstairs CH carpet stretched and cleaned.  In this same month we have gone from expensive service with large cellular provider to the plans at WM.  Going from $207/month to $120/month.  But, we did have outlay of significant costs of my new phone and DH year old phone he had to pay off.  My intention is to wean off my phone more, of the couple year life that these phone essentially have.  After 2 years both my last 2 models get very slow and do not hold a charge.  I do not have IPhone, which was what the media focused on few months ago - but I seriously doubt this problem/feature/design is limited just to iphones. 

One of the big reasons I have been tethered to my phone was the constant activity required to sell stuff.  I am finished doing that.  Although the cash was nice, it came with it's own cost (serious time drain!).  I have pretty much officially changed over my wardrobe to what I think will be useful casual (daily stuff, walking, yoga, kayaking, hiking and golf), from my corporate wardrobe.  I hope to never took back, but if I do, I can buy new stuff!  Just last night I used my last credits from clothes we sold to buy a 2nd hand hooded raincoat and a pair of used Been boots.  I am so excited!  I just go through in my mind what I will get rid of...and I will prob get rid of a couple coats that are duplicative and sort of dressy that lack waterproof/hood.  I will also get rid of pair of cheap/non waterproof boots and a pair of slippers to make room for new. 

So, that are some things that make me happy while I am dreading/anxious about my looming to-do list.  Hope you all have a great Friday.  I will have a great weekend, but I will be tired from loading and unloading, a little unsatisfied we could not get all the bookcases and starting a strick elimination diet due to my stomach issues I have had for over a week.  I just have to focus on my gratitude, my God and His plan.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hsppy Valentines Day/Ash Wednesday

Happy Valentines/Ash Wednesday

This title of my post today really gets to the heart of what is important in my life today.  Celebrated Fat Tues last night with yoga and a spinach smootie and asleep before 9pm! 

This weekend we are taking 4 large bookcases to RH to start our "library".  We are maybe the most excited about our new home.

I went back and reviewed how much money I have made selling just on ebay.  Since April 2015 I have put over $5,000 into my bank account just from reducing stuff we don't need/have room for by selling on ebay.  This does not count FM Marketplace (not that much) and CL - even less.  But, should not be too hard to get guestimates in those areas either.  I checked FB...made about $1500.  CL I made about $700.  PM my grand total after only one year is $2378.  I spent quite a bit of the PM amount, and a little of the ebay proceeds also.  This was mostly spent on items to redo my and my husband's wardrobes from business/dressy to casual wear.  Things like hiking boots, leather boots, comfortable motorcycle boots (took me couple years to find the right pair after my last pair wore out) and rain coats/warm utility coats for both of us also "re-tooling" our golf club inventory!  I have decided I am not going to try to buy a daypack for hiking sight unseen, but instead go into the sporting goods store and talk to people who know what the options are and have used one or more.  But that will be fun!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Just for Fun

I saw this on a friends FB post: 
Valentines Day is just around the corner.  Let's see couples put this as their status and answer honestly. ❤️❤️❤️

•Husband or Boyfriends' Name: husband D******
•How did we meet?  Friend of a friend
•Who is older? Him
•Who was interested first? He was sure enough for both of us
•Same high school? No
•Did you know each other in high school? No
•Born in same state? No, but almost, neighbor states
•Worst temper? Toss up
•More organized?  We both about the same, sometimes good, sometimes not!
•More social? Me, but I am changing to recluse
•Most stubborn? Him
•Wakes up first? Me
•Bigger Family?  Him
•Eats the most?  Him...
•Who said I love you first?  He did
•Who's the better driver?  Him
•Better cook? Me
•Ever broken up? No comment
•Any kids together? No
•Anniversary? 7.28.07
•How long have we known each other? 13 Years
•Who sings better? Me
•Who has the most tattoos? Him
•Who's the bigger sports fan?  Both, prob him.  But I do like college football more than he doed

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Super Slow Sunday

Well, i ran around like crazy Fridsy after half day at wotk...donating, taking couple valuable items to our nephews they could use, clothes to consignment.  Did some free lance work.  Shopped for groceries, cleaned house.  I had company fri sat nights.  Our school chum lost her mom.  We went to funeral.

I cook sat night, lots of friend has gone vegan.  They left early to get home sunday.  House clean, the bad weather to north and south of us.  I finished bsby afgan my friend commissioned.  I relaxed and had much needed downtime...oh, and i closed out my PM closet and deep cleaned my kitchen...move some art around...packed some nick nacks...think one of my friends is going to take my cat in march after her cruise.  Things moving right along toward listing house!  Cant wait!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Downsizing the Family Home

I just read this book by Marni Jameson.  I really liked it.  Thought it had some good ideas in it.  I like that she shares her personal experience with her parents/her childhood home as well as her own personal downsize and move.  She also has many experts weigh in.

She wraps up her experiences by calling it downsizing up " better because you have freed yourself of excess".  I have come to think of it as "rightsizing".  Plus it sounds nicer than Swedish Death Cleaning.  Haha

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Stuff Stabilizing

At least clothes and personal effects, sporting goods, nick nacks.  I have aboutv4 suits, incl my husbands tux that i am taking to consignment this week.  They didnot sell on PM.

Other than large furniture items, about half I am giving to friends that come pick them up, after City House sells...i am about to the point where everything will be moved.  Then prob some final purging to charity will happen.

Last weekend I dold my luxury suv.  While going thru this uncomf process and also tackled a new cell phone thru Straight Talk at Walmart.  I took off $10 old outdated tablet too.  We had to pay $650 for phone up front and only saving 41 - 105/month at Verizon.  My phone service at WM costs 60/month.  So we are either paying 19 dollars more for brand new phone or saving $41...the kicker is, we have had Verizon tell us 4 diff amounts my husbands single phone will be now.  We agree that given this run around, he will likely pay his $472 left on his phone and switch also, bringing monthly cell phone tital to $120 (versus $206 at Verizon).

Then, as long as i was in a really frustrated beat down state of mind i took my 4 year ink jet HP pos printer to Office Max along with $60 worth of ink i bought thinking thstcwas the prob and bought a Brother floor model laser printer for  $75, extra ink for $45 and new version of Microsoft office for $150 so i can do some side free lance work.  Now I finally have working computer, printer and updated phone.  Maybe next I can learn to add photos here!

Tonight we are frantically cleaning out half of our garage in 30 degree temps so our new toyota truck can fit in!
Oh well, we have to do it sooner or later anyway.  At least we didnt get the snowpocalypse forecast earlier in the week!  But it sure is cold!